Volume 12 Supplement 2

Advanced breast cancer therapy


Edited by Jenny Chang

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  1. Review

    Present and future evolution of advanced breast cancer therapy

    Although the introduction of novel therapies and drug combinations has improved the prognosis of metastatic breast cancer, the disease remains incurable. Increased knowledge of the biology and the molecular al...

    Ricardo H Álvarez

    Breast Cancer Research 2010 12(Suppl 2):S1

    Published on: 22 October 2010

  2. Review

    Triple-negative breast cancer

    Perou's molecular classification defines tumors that neither express hormone receptors nor overexpress HER2 as triple-negative (TN) tumors. These tumors account for approximately 15% of breast cancers. The so-...

    Reinaldo D Chacón and María V Costanzo

    Breast Cancer Research 2010 12(Suppl 2):S3

    Published on: 22 October 2010