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Featured Thematic Series - Lobular Breast Cancer

This special series takes a translational view of lobular breast cancer, from bedside to bench and back. The second most common breast cancer subtype, lobular breast cancer displays many unique molecular and clinical properties. Leaders in the field explore the molecular biology, pathology, risk factors, imaging, treatment and prognosis of this breast cancer.

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Aims and scope

Breast Cancer Research is an international, peer-reviewed online journal, publishing original research, reviews, editorials and reports. Open access research articles of exceptional interest are published in all areas of biology and medicine relevant to breast cancer, including normal mammary gland biology, with special emphasis on the genetic, biochemical, and cellular basis of breast cancer. In addition to basic research, the journal publishes preclinical, translational and clinical studies with a biological basis, including Phase I and Phase II trials.


Lewis Chodosh, University of Pennsylvania, USA

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 Winners of Breast Cancer Research Image Competition 2017

Breast Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Now announced the winning images of the breast cancer research image competition! 

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Overall Winner – Rainbow Kaleidoscope by Ansel Lim

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Supporters’ Choice Winner – Neoplastic Petals by Sarah Boyle

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