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Erratum to: JMJD6 is a driver of cellular proliferation and motility and a marker of poor prognosis in breast cancer

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Breast Cancer Research201719:42

  • Received: 6 March 2017
  • Accepted: 6 March 2017
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The original article was published in Breast Cancer Research 2012 14:3001


Main text: After the publication of this work [1] an error was noticed in Fig. 8. In the SMAD2P465/467 panel, the images for MCF-7 and MDA MB 231 cells were accidentally duplicated. The corrected figure is shown below. We apologize for this error, which does not affect the findings or conclusions of the article.
Fig. 8
Fig. 8

JMJD6 expression affects SMAD phosphorylation. Immunoblots show that the level of total SMAD2/3, phosphorylated SMAD2 and phosphorylated SMAD3 are decreased in MCF-7 J1-OE clones, and increased in JMJD6 siRNA-mediated knock-down in MCF-7 and MDA-MB231. The numbers next to the SMAD2P/3P denote the expected sites of phosphorylation detected by the antibodies. N.S. denotes non-specific bands from the blots which indicate equal loading of the protein lysates



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Authors’ Affiliations

Clearbridge BioMedics Private Ltd, 81 Science Park Drive, Singapore, Singapore
Department of Cancer Biology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC 27157, USA
Department of Pathology, National University Health System and National University of Singapore, 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore, 119074, Singapore
Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, UK
Cancer Science Institute, National University of Singapore, 28 Medical Drive, Singapore, 117456, Singapore
Department of Biochemistry, Otago School of Medical Sciences, University of Otago, 710 Cumberland Street, Dunedin, 9054, New Zealand
The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, USA
National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, 2 Netaji Subash Sanatorium (T.B. Hospital), Kalyani, 741251, India


  1. Lee YF, Miller LD, Chan XB, Black MA, Pang B, Ong CW, Salto-Tellez M, Liu ET, Desai KV. JMJD6 is a driver of cellular proliferation and motility and a marker of poor prognosis in breast cancer. Breast cancer research: BCR. 2012;14(3):R85.View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar


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