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Erratum to: Genomic profiling of breast tumours in relation to BRCAabnormalities and phenotypes

  • Olafur Andri Stefansson1,
  • Jon Gunnlaugur Jonasson2,
  • Oskar Thor Johannsson3,
  • Kristrun Olafsdottir2,
  • Margret Steinarsdottir4,
  • Sigridur Valgeirsdottir5 and
  • Jorunn Erla Eyfjord1Email author
Breast Cancer Research200911:404

Published: 2 September 2009

The original article was published in Breast Cancer Research 2009 11:R47

Following the publication of our article [1] we noticed an error in the article PDF.

Due to a production error, the final two sentences of the legend to figure 2a are incomplete. These two sentences should appear as follows:

The characters represent cluster memberships of each tumour with BRCA1 and BRCA2 abnormalities indicated, see bottom of the figure. It can be hypothesised here that component three reflects differences between BRCA1- and BRCA2-related tumours whereas component two reflects their similarities, see further in Additional data file 3.


Authors’ Affiliations

Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland
Department of Pathology, Landspitali University Hospital
Department of Oncology, Landspitali University Hospital
Department of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Landspitali University Hospital
Roche NimbleGen, Inc.


  1. Stefansson OA, Jonasson JG, Johannsson OT, Olafsdottir K, Steinarsdottir M, Valgeirsdottir S, Eyfjord JE: Genomic profiling of breast tumours in relation to BRCA abnormalities and phenotypes. Breast Cancer Research. 2009, 11: R47-10.1186/bcr2334.View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar


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