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Modulation of ATM gene expression in a murine mammary epithelial cell line

  • GV Vutskits1,
  • P Salmon2,
  • JV Soriano3,
  • C Cudre-Mauroux2,
  • D Trono2,
  • R Montesano3 and
  • A-P Sappino1
Breast Cancer Research20002(Suppl 1):P4.10

Published: 12 March 2000


Epithelium DifferentiationBreast EpitheliumMammary Epithelial Cell LineNormal Breast EpitheliumNegative Construct

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To explore the role of atm in epithelial cell biology, we have used an in vitro model, in which non-transformed TAC-2 murine mammary epithelial cells recapitulate features of normal breast epithelium differentiation, when grown in a three-dimensional collagen gel. To modulate atm gene expression or impair atm function we designed antisense and dominant negative constructs which were delivered into TAC-2 cells through conventional plasmids. However, since these vectors failed to achieve effective long-term transgene expression, we have then used lentiviral vectors to express our constructs in TAC-2 cells with greater efficiency. We plan to use this model to assess the impact of atm dysfunction on the following parameters: cell proliferation and survival, cell cycle progression and morphogenetic properties. These investigations are expected to better delineate the contribution of the atm gene as a cancer-predisposing gene in the breast and to provide further insights into our understanding of atm function in epithelial cell biology.

Authors’ Affiliations

Division of Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, HUG, Geneva
Department of Genetics and Microbiology, Switzerland
Department of Morphology, University of Geneva Medical School, CMU, Geneva 4, Switzerland


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