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Table 5 Summary of the comparison between SGH, METABRIC and TCGA patient database for OS

From: Hypoxia-regulated carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX) protein is an independent prognostic indicator in triple negative breast cancer

Database Hypoxia-linked DEGs DEGs Expression level Overall survival P value
SGH ARL1 High Poor 0.079
METABRIC High Poor 0.097
TCGA High Poor 0.026*
SGH CAIX High Poor 0.200
METABRIC High Poor 0.001*
TCGA High Better 0.091
SGH DDIT4 High Poor 0.008*
METABRIC High Poor 0.073
TCGA High Better 0.083
SGH HK2 High Poor 0.222
METABRIC High Poor 0.211
TCGA High Better 0.006*
SGH SETX Low Poor 0.035*
METABRIC Low Poor 0.140
TCGA Low Better 0.214
SGH TUBA4α High Poor 0.150
METABRIC High Poor 0.402
TCGA High Better 0.016*
SGH WAS Low Poor  < 0.001*
METABRIC Low Poor 0.010*
TCGA Low Poor 0.371
  1. DEGs, Differentially expressed genes
  2. *Statistically significant values (P < 0.05).