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Table 1 Content of the Amsterdam cognition scan

From: Effect of physical exercise on cognitive function after chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer: a randomized controlled trial (PAM study)

Test domain Online test Main outcome measures Traditional equivalent
Learning and memory Wordlist Learning
Wordlist delayed recall and
Wordlist Recognition
Total number of correct response (learning: trials 1 to 5) Dutch version of Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (immediate recall, delayed recall and recognition)
Attention and working memory Box tapping
Digit sequences I
Digit sequences II
Total number of correctly repeated sequences Corsi block-tapping test
WAIS-III digit span forward
WAIS-III digit span backward
Processing speed Reaction Time
Connecting the dots I
Mean Reaction Time (ms)
Completion time (s)
Visual Reaction Time (subtest FePsy)
Trail making test A
Executive functioning Connecting the dots II
Place the Beads
Completion time (s)
Total number of extra moves
Trail making test B
Tower of London, Drexel University (ToL-dx)
Motor functioning Fill the grid Completion time (s) Grooved pegboard