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Table 2 Distribution of fibroglandular tissue and background parenchymal enhancement in premenopausal and postmenopausal women in the IMAGINE study

From: Association of breast cancer with MRI background parenchymal enhancement: the IMAGINE case-control study

  Premenopausala women Postmenopausala women
Fibroglandular tissueb No. (%) No. (%)
 Almost entirely fat 49 (4.2%) 78 (13%)
 Scattered 225 (19%) 241 (39%)
 Heterogeneous 598 (51%) 249 (40%)
 Extreme 304 (26%) 54 (8.7%)
Background parenchymal enhancementb No. (%) No. (%)
 Minimal 213 (18%) 275 (44%)
 Mild 538 (46%) 265 (43%)
 Moderate 306 (26%) 66 (11%)
 Marked 119 (10%) 16 (2.6%)
  1. a“Premenopausal” refers to women who report continued menstrual cycles and women whose menstrual cycles stopped after a simple hysterectomy and were under 50 years of age at time of MRI; “postmenopausal” refers to women who reported a natural stop of menstrual cycles, women who underwent menopause due to a bilateral oophorectomy, women whose menstrual cycles stopped after a hysterectomy and were 50 years of age or older at the time of MRI, and women whose menstrual cycle stopped due to medication or medical procedures or did not give further details
  2. bEstimated for a single unaffected breast using BI-RADS (Breast Imaging - Reporting and Data System) guidelines by a single research radiologist blinded to case-control status, clinical characteristics, and medical history