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Table 1 UCD PDX-derived cell line general characteristics

From: New generation breast cancer cell lines developed from patient-derived xenografts

Cell line Origin Patient age Pathology of patient specimen PDX ER/PR statusa Cell line ER/PR statusa Treatment
UCD4 Pleura 68 Invasive mammary carcinoma. Metastatic adenocarcinoma. Grade 2. Original pathologyb ER+PR+Her2− ER+++PR+++ ER+++PR+ Tamoxifen, AI, fulvestrant, chemotherapy
UCD12 Primary tumor 54 IDC with mucinous features, grade 3, ER+(93%)PR+(15%)Her2− ER++PR− ER++PR− None
UCD65 Lymph node 47 Metastatic carcinoma in LN. ER(97%)PR(5%)Her2− ER+++PR++ ER+++PR++ Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
UCD46 Primary tumor 41 IDC multifocal. Grade 3. ER(0%)PR(20%)Her2− ERlowPR− ER−PR− Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
UCD115 Primary tumor 36 IDC. ER−PR−Her2− ERlowPR− ER−PR− Neoadjuvant chemotherapy
UCD178 Pleura ND ILC. Original pathologyb ER+PR+Her2− ERlowPR− ER−PR− Tamoxifen, AI, palbociclib, chemotherapy
  1. aPercent positive cells: +++, > 60%; ++, 31–60%; +, 1–30%; low, < 1%
  2. bFor primary tumor at diagnosis, the two pleural effusions were not re-evaluated upon recurrence