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Table 2 Summary of PDX models and metastatic potential. PDX take rate and sites of metastasis following intraductal injection into NOD SCID mice

From: Development of clinically relevant in vivo metastasis models using human bone discs and breast cancer patient-derived xenografts

Model nameReceptor statusPrimary tumour growthMetastasis from primary tumourMetastases from intra-cardiac injection
Mouse boneHuman boneLungMouse boneHuman boneLung
BB3RC31ER+ PR+ HER2−100%0%0%60%NTNTNT
BB3RC32ER+ PR+ HER2−80%75%100%70%80%80%40%
BB2RC08ER+ PR+ HER2−100%20%100%60%40%80%80%
BB6RC39ER+ PR+ HER2+0%0%0%0%NTNTNT
BB6RC37ER− PR− HER2−100%20%20%100%30%30%100%
BB6RC52ER− PR− HER2−40%0%0%0%NTNTNT