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Fig. 6

From: Development of clinically relevant in vivo metastasis models using human bone discs and breast cancer patient-derived xenografts

Fig. 6

Gene and protein expression in primary tumours and matched bone metastases from ER+ and ER− PDX. a Fold change in gene expression from RNA isolated from human bone metastatic deposits compared with the corresponding primary PDXs. Data shown are mean ± SEM for 2 independent repeats of 3 replicates. **p < 0.001, ***p < 0.0001. b Photomicrographs of primary tumours and metastases in human bone implants following immunohistochemical detection of S100A4, Fibronectin, Ras IL-1B, IL1R1 and γ Catenin. All data shown are from ER+ PR+ HER2− BB2RC08 and ER− PR− HER2− BB2RC37 PDXs

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