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Table 2 Intraductal injection of ethanol increases overall survival

From: Ductal tree ablation by local delivery of ethanol prevents tumor formation in an aggressive mouse model of breast cancer

Group comparisonAnimals (n)Overall survival (days)p value
Untreated vs. not injected25 vs. 10179.5 vs. 1920.0394
Untreated vs. PBS-injected25 vs. 10179.5 vs. 1850.9655
Untreated vs. 50% EtOH-injecteda25 vs. 6179.5 vs. 195.50.1199
Untreated vs. 70% EtOH-injecteda25 vs. 11179.5 vs. 2010.0184
Untreated vs. 70% EtOH-injectedb25 vs. 13179.5 vs. 211< 0.0001
50% EtOH-injecteda vs. 70% EtOH-injecteda6 vs. 11195.5 vs. 2010.5495
50% EtOH-injecteda vs. 70% EtOH-injectedb6 vs. 13195.5 vs. 2110.1801
70% EtOH-injecteda vs. 70% EtOH-injectedb11 vs. 13201 vs. 2110.2789
  1. Median overall survival in days of age is provided for indicated animal treatment groups. p values were calculated by the log-rank test (Mantel-Cox) comparing overall survival between indicated treatment groups (reference vs. test). aEtOH was diluted in sterile PBS with iodine-containing contrast agent. bEtOH was diluted in sterile water