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Table 2 Study outcomes of TNBC patients treated with NCCN-recommended (v1.2019) monotherapy in trials published since 2016

From: Current treatment landscape for patients with locally recurrent inoperable or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer: a systematic literature review

AuthorStudy descriptionTreatmentPatient population% 1L% 2L% 3L+NORR %PFS monthsOS months% TNBC patients
Tutt et al. [19]Phase III TNTCar2L+ mTNBC 1005931.43.112.4100
Doc   6434.04.512.3100
Kim et al. [15] and Dent et al. [14]Phase II LOTUSPac+Ipatasertib1L mTNBC100  62NR6.2NR100
Pac1L mTNBC100  62NR4.9NR100
Schmid et al. [10]Phase III IMpassion130Atezolizumab plus nab-paclitaxel1L mTNBC100  451NR7.221.3100
nab-paclitaxel1L mTNBC100  451NR5.517.6100
Robson et al. [17, 18]Phase III OLYMPIADOlaparib1L–2L mBC 100205NR7.019.349.8
Physician’s-Choice1L–2L mBC   97NR4.217.149.5
Litton et al. [16]Phase III EMBRACATalazoparib2L+ locally advanced BC 10028762.68.6NR45.3
Physician’s-Choice2L+ locally advanced BC   14427.25.6NR41.7
  1. 1L first-line, 2L second-line, BC breast cancer, Car carboplatin, Doc docetaxel, mTNBC metastatic triple-negative breast cancer, N/R not reported, ORR objective response rate, OS overall survival, Pac paclitaxel, PFS progression-free survival, TNBC triple-negative breast cancer