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Fig. 5

From: Loss of SIM2s inhibits RAD51 binding and leads to unresolved replication stress

Fig. 5

Loss of SIM2s in a mouse model decreases RAD51 recruitment and increases genomic instability. a Recombination of the SIM2 locus was confirmed in late-stage pregnant mice by the presence of eGFP. Scale bars, 20 μm. b RNA isolated from mammary glands of control or SIM2fl/fl mice was analyzed via RT-qPCR for the presence of Sim2s mRNA. c MECs isolated from control and late-stage pregnancy SIM2fl/fl mice were treated with 0.5 mM HU for 24 h before being assessed for the presence of RAD51 foci. Cells containing 10 or more foci were considered to be positive for the factors indicated as has previously been demonstrated [13]. Scale bars, 10 μm. d Mammary glands were collected from lactating SIM2fl/fl and control mice and assessed for the presence of γH2aX. Quantification of γH2aX is nuclear γH2aX intensity minus background. Scale bars, 20 μm. Values indicate the mean ± SE with n = 3. Student’s t test was performed to test significance. *p value < 0.05

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