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Fig. 1

From: A functional role for the cancer disparity-linked genes, CRYβB2 and CRYβB2P1, in the promotion of breast cancer

Fig. 1

Correlation between CRYβB2 and CRYβB2P1, and distribution of each gene among subtype and among race. a, b Unique regions and those that are common between CRYβB2 and CRYβB2P1 (referred to as multi-mapped) are depicted. Multi-mapped regions are shaded in blue, whereas unique regions are not shaded. The number and location of exons are indicated in orange for CRYβB2 protein-coding regions, and purple for all processed transcripts of CRYβB2P1. ce Read counts were generated from the unique regions of the respected genes within all TCGA breast cancer samples, then normalized using upper quartile normalization. c Correlation between CRYβB2 and CRYβB2P1. d Boxplots showing the distribution of each gene by subtype. CRYβB2 *adjusted p = 0.0027, **adjusted p = 0.0099; CRYβB2P1 *adjusted p = 1.2E−07, **adjusted p = 1.8E−04. e Boxplots showing the distribution of CRYβB2P1 by race *adjusted p = 5.8E−04, **adjusted p = 1.9E−06. f qPCR standard curve analysis of 24 breast cancer cell lines. Data represent mean ± SEM *p < 0.01 for CRYβB2P1 in Black cell lines over CRYβB2P1 in White and CRYβB2 in all cell lines

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