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Fig. 1

From: Cancer-immune interactions in ER-positive breast cancers: PI3K pathway alterations and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Fig. 1

Correlations between the expression of lymphocyte markers and pathological features. ac Correlation plots of the expression of the three lymphocyte markers. Each graph includes a regression line and the Spearman coefficient of the correlation between the two markers; the expression of the third marker is indicated by the color degree of the dots: CD8 in blue, CD4 in green, and FOXP3 in red. df The plots graphically present the magnitude of the association between each pathological feature and the expression of lymphocyte markers: CD4 (d), CD8 (e), and FOXP3 (f). Coefficients with 95% confidence intervals were estimated using multivariable linear regression models (based on cases with complete information). Abbreviations: pN0 lymph node negative, pN1+ lymph node positive, PR progesterone receptor, HER2 human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, PIK3CA mutations in exon 9 and/or exon 20

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