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Fig. 4

From: Claudin-low-like mouse mammary tumors show distinct transcriptomic patterns uncoupled from genomic drivers

Fig. 4

Somatic mutations and copy number aberrations in human claudin-low breast cancer. a Claudin-low breast cancer was the subtype with the lowest mutational burden. Number of mutations displayed as log2(mutations + 1). b TP53 and PIK3CA were the most frequently mutated genes in human breast cancer. Claudin-low tumors carried TP53 and PIK3CA mutations at significantly higher and lower rates, respectively, compared to non-claudin-low breast tumors. ***p < 0.001. c Claudin-low tumors carried relatively few CNAs compared to non-claudin-low tumors. d The ten genes which were most frequently affected by CNA in claudin-low tumors were all found to be copy number aberrant at a higher frequency in non-claudin-low tumors. MYC amplification is the most common CNA event in claudin-low breast cancer

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