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Fig. 1

From: Joint association of mammographic density adjusted for age and body mass index and polygenic risk score with breast cancer risk

Fig. 1

Joint association of quartiles of adjusted density phenotypes and quintiles PRS with breast cancer risk, adjusted for age, 1/BMI, and study. Quartiles adjusted percent density and PRS quintile with breast cancer risk (a). Quartiles of adjusted dense area and PRS quintile with breast cancer risk (b). PRS quintiles: quintile 1, − 1.411 to − 0.014; quintile 2, − 0.015 to 0.280; quintile 3, 0.281 to 0.542; quintile 4, 0.543 to 0.885; quintile 5, 0.886 to 2.583. Reference category is PRS quintile 3 and density quartile 2

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