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Fig. 2

From: BRCA1 mutations attenuate super-enhancer function and chromatin looping in haploinsufficient human breast epithelial cells

Fig. 2

Motifs and pathways associated with super-enhancers attenuated in BRCA1mut/+ HMECs. a List of transcription factor binding motifs enriched in super-enhancers attenuated in BRCA1mut/+ HMECs. H3K27ac peaks within these super-enhancers were used for motif search. H3K27ac peaks within those super-enhancers shared by BRCA1+/+ and BRCA1mut/+ HMECs were used as background. The table is ranked by P value. b Gene Ontology (GO) analysis using genes associated with BRCA1mut/+-lost super-enhancers. ToppGene was used for GO analysis. Pathways were ranked by FDR-adjusted P value

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