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Fig. 3

From: GSK3β regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell properties in triple-negative breast cancer

Fig. 3

GSK3β inhibitors decrease the cancer stem cells properties of cells with a mesenchymal phenotype. a HMLE-Snail, HMLE-Twist, and Sum159 cells were grown in ultra-low attachment plates in mammosphere media for 10 days in the presence of LiCl or TWS119. The number of mammospheres was counted and graphed (n = 3, p values were calculated using Student’s unpaired two-tailed t test). b HMLE-Snail, HMLE-Twist, and SUM159 cells were treated with BIO, TWS119, or LiCl and assessed for the presence of CD44 and CD24 by flow cytometry. Treating mesenchymal cells with GSK3β inhibitors increases the expression of CD24 indicating that the cells are more differentiated following treatment

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