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Fig. 8

From: HER2 regulates HIF-2α and drives an increased hypoxic response in breast cancer

Fig. 8

HIF-2α expression and activity is associated with worse disease-specific survival in HER2-positive breast cancer. a Kaplan-Meier plot showing disease-specific survival in the publically available Metabric dataset. Patients were divided into HIF-2α high and low categories using the optimum cut-off, with additional significant (P < 0.05) cut-offs shown represented by the grey bar. In HER2-positive breast cancers (n = 236) high HIF-2α expression was associated with significantly worse disease-specific survival (P = 0.0197, HR = 6.81). b, c A set of 9 HIF-2-specific genes reported in the literature were taken along with HIF-2α to see if their mean expression was also associated with worse survival in HER2-positive patients. Samples were ordered by their mean expression of the 10 genes and an optimum cut-off point for survival analysis was determined (c) (all significant cut-offs shown in grey). A high mean expression of these genes was associated with disease-specific survival in HER2-positive breast cancer (b)

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