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Fig. 4

From: Sulfatide decreases the resistance to stress-induced apoptosis and increases P-selectin-mediated adhesion: a two-edged sword in breast cancer progression

Fig. 4

Relative quantification of ceramides in selected cell lines. a Extracted ion chromatograms for 264.269 ± 001 m/z in cell line samples with peak at RT = 2.1 min corresponding to HexCer. RI stands for Relative Intensity. b Structure of reporter ion selected for relative quantification. c Relative quantities of Cer (dark grey) and HexCer (light grey) in breast cancer cell lines. 100% value corresponds to highest concentration of particular analyte. Error bars represent standard deviations of three biological replicates. Statistically significant differences (*p < 0.01) in analyte levels

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