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Fig. 6

From: Loss of amphiregulin reduces myoepithelial cell coverage of mammary ducts and alters breast tumor growth

Fig. 6

AREG−/− tumors are less necrotic and tumor cells in papillary regions are less proliferative. a Representative images of H&E (left column) and Ki67 (right column) staining in AREG+/+ PyMT and AREG−/− PyMT 1-cm tumors. Scale bar shows 500 μm for H&E stains and Ki67 stains. b Percentage of necrotic areas calculated as average of five fields per AREG+/+ (N = 32) and AREG−/− (N = 22) 1-cm tumors. c, d Ki67+ proliferating cells in solid vs papillary areas in 1-cm AREG+/+ PyMT and AREG−/− PyMT tumors compared using HistoQuant. Evaluation performed on at least five separate areas from at least three different tumors per genotype. Statistical analysis performed using t test. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001, ****p < 0.0001. AREG amphiregulin, H&E hematoxylin and eosin, PYMT polyoma middle-T antigen

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