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Fig. 3

From: Loss of amphiregulin reduces myoepithelial cell coverage of mammary ducts and alters breast tumor growth

Fig. 3

AREG not expressed in PyMT lesions. a Tissue sections hybridized in situ with AREG probe (dots in ducts), and PyMT protein detected by immunofluorescence. Individual channels shown in gray scale; merged image shows AREG in red and PyMT in green. Ductal structures or lesions outlined in white, and labeling of surrounding adipose tissue is nonspecific background staining. Scale bar shows 50 μm. b Representative images of PyMT immunofluorescent staining of 6-week-old AREG+/+ PyMT and AREG−/− PyMT MFPs, respectively. Scale bar shows 100 μm. c At least 10 mammary glands were analyzed for PyMT staining intensity. Statistical analysis performed using t test. AREG amphiregulin, n.s. not significant, PYMT polyoma middle-T antigen, TEB terminal end bud

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