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Fig. 2

From: Loss of amphiregulin reduces myoepithelial cell coverage of mammary ducts and alters breast tumor growth

Fig. 2

Loss of AREG enhances progression to invasive carcinoma. Progression of lesions evaluated based on stages: hyperplasia, ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), invasive carcinoma. a, b Low-magnification representative H&E images of MFPs of 12-week-old AREG+/+ PyMT (a) and AREG−/− PyMT (b) mice. Scale bar shows 500 μm. c, d High-magnification images of stages of progression as seen in AREG+/+ PyMT (c) and AREG−/− PyMT (d) mice. Scale bar shows 50 μm. e Greater proportion of AREG−/− lesions identified as invasive carcinomas while most AREG+/+ lesions were hyperplastic. N = 10. AREG amphiregulin, PYMT polyoma middle-T antigen

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