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Fig. 2

From: Pyruvate carboxylase supports the pulmonary tropism of metastatic breast cancer

Fig. 2

PC expression is enhanced in the pulmonary microenvironment. a Expression of PC protein was assessed by immunoblot across the indicated cell lines of varying metastatic potential. b 4 T07 and 4 T1 cells were cultured in the absence of exogenous glucose for 4 days and PC expression was assessed by immunoblot. c Expression of PC proteins was analyzed in 4 T1 lysates harvested from in vitro culture, mammary fat pad primary tumors (PT), and their resultant metastases growing within the lung (LM) and bone marrow (BM). d IHC analyses for PC expression within 4 T1 primary tumors pushing directly against the skin and the resulting pulmonary metastases growing near an airway (AW) in the lungs. Data are representative of at least three tumors from each location. For panel A-C expression of β-tubulin (β-tub) served as a loading control

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