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Fig. 6

From: ETV4 transcription factor and MMP13 metalloprotease are interplaying actors of breast tumorigenesis

Fig. 6

MMP13 reinforces the tumorigenic activity of ETV4 in vivo. a In vivo tumor growth assay. Tumor presence was determined by palpation of the mammary gland every 3–4 days. The graph represents the volume of tumor (mm3) versus time in weeks after graft of MMT-ETV4 + shCtrl (n = 14) and MMT-ETV4 + shMMP13 (n = 15) cells into the fat pad of the mammary gland of SCID-deficient mice. Three independent experiments were conducted. ***P ≤ 0.001 and ****P ≤ 0.0001. b Histologic analysis of ETV4 + shCtrl MMT cell-derived tumors (left panel) and ETV4 + shMMP13 MMT cell-derived tumors (right panel) with anti-ETV4 antibody, anti-MMP13 antibody, anti-Ki67 antibody, and anti-cleaved caspase 3 antibody. Representative staining is shown for each experiment. Scale bar = 50 μm

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