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Fig. 1

From: ETV4 transcription factor and MMP13 metalloprotease are interplaying actors of breast tumorigenesis

Fig. 1

Expression of ETV4 and MMP13 in TAC-Ctrl/ETV4 and MMT-Ctrl/ETV4 cells. a and b Relative ETV4 (a) or MMP13 (b) mRNA expression in TAC/MMT-Ctrl and TAC/MMT-ETV4-overexpressing cells determined by real-time PCR and normalized to cyclophilin A levels. mRNA expression in TAC/MMT-Ctrl cells was arbitrarily = 1. Error bars indicate SD. ****P ≤ 0.0001; **P ≤ 0.01. c and d Western blot analysis of ETV4 protein expression (61 kDa) (c) or MMP13 protein expression (60 kDa) (d) in TAC/MMT-Ctrl and TAC/MMT-ETV4 cells. GAPDH expression served as the loading control. e Western blot analysis of the secreted MMP13 protein expression (55 kDa) from the supernatant of MMT-Ctrl and MMT-ETV4-overexpressing cells. f Zymographic analysis of MMP13 protein activity (55 kDa) in MMT-Ctrl and MMT-ETV4 cells

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