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Table 1 Candidate genes identified and corresponding breast cancer risk single-nucleotide polymorphisms

From: Evaluating the breast cancer predisposition role of rare variants in genes associated with low-penetrance breast cancer risk SNPs

SNP GWAS proposed candidates Neighbouring genes ± 500 kb SNP GWAS proposed candidates Neighbouring genes ± 500 kb
rs7726159 TERT rs2016394 DLX2
rs10069690 TERT rs1550623 CDCA7
rs2736108 TERT rs6762644 SETMAR; ITPR1
rs2588809 RAD51B rs12493607 TGFBR2
rs999737 RAD51B rs9790517 TET2
rs10759243 RAD23B rs6828523 ADAM29
rs2981579 FGFR2 rs1353747 PDE4D
rs11199914 FGFR2 rs1432679 EBF1
rs7072776 DNAJC1 rs204247 RANBP9
rs11814448 DNAJC1 rs720475 TPK1
rs13387042 TNP1 rs6472903 HNF4G
rs11552449 DCLRE1B rs2943559 HNF4G
rs1045485 CASP8 rs7904519 TCF7L2
rs4973768 SLC4A7 rs3903072 KAT5; SNX32; MUS81
rs889312 MAP3K1 rs11820646 NFRKB
rs12662670 ESR1 rs2236007 PAX9
rs2046210 ESR1 rs941764 CCDC88C
rs1011970 CDKN2A; CDKN2B rs17817449 FTO
rs704010 ZMIZ1 rs13329835 CDYL2
rs3817198 LSP1 rs527616 CHST9
rs10771399 PTHLH rs1436904 CHST9
rs3803662 TOX3 rs4808801 ELL
rs6504950 COX11 rs3760982 XRCC1; KCNN4; ZNF283; ZNF226
rs8170 USHBP1; BABAM1; UNC13A rs132390 EMID1; NF2
rs2363956 USHBP1; BABAM1; UNC13A rs6001930 MKL1
rs2823093 NRIP1 rs4245739 MDM4
rs616488 PEX14 rs6678914 LGR6
rs4849887 EPB41L5 rs11075995 FTO
  1. GWAS Genome-wide association study, SNP Single-nucleotide polymorphism