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Fig. 4

From: Evidence of two distinct functionally specialized fibroblast lineages in breast stroma

Fig. 4

CD105high stroma is a specialized microenvironment for branching morphogenesis of luminal breast epithelial cells. a Primary cultures of purified luminal breast epithelial cells plated at clonal density on confluent feeders of CD26high (left column) or CD105high (right column) fibroblasts: phase contrast micrographs of co-cultures twenty days after plating showing branching morphogenesis primarily on CD105high fibroblasts (a’, b’); dual-color imaging of co-cultures stained with keratin K19 (red) and MUC1 (green). Note the correctly polarized staining pattern and the elaborate structures on CD105high fibroblasts (c’, d’); low-magnification micrographs of co-cultures ten days after plating and immunoperoxidase staining for keratin K19 (e’, f’); digitalized images of keratin K19-stained epithelial structures (g’, h’). b Quantitative representation of K19-stained morphological structures in multiple recombinant cultures representing eight biopsies showing consistent growth advantage of luminal epithelial cells on CD105high fibroblasts (red bars) as normalized in each set of samples to structures formed on CD26high fibroblasts (blue bars) (scale bar = 50 μm (a’, b’); 100 μm (c’, d’); 500 μm (e’-h’))

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