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Fig. 2

From: Reduced BRCA1 transcript levels in freshly isolated blood leukocytes from BRCA1 mutation carriers is mutation specific

Fig. 2

Stratification of mean BRCA1 mRNA expression counts by BRCA1 mutation clusters associated with differential risk for breast and/or ovarian cancers. a Box plot distribution of mean BRCA1 mRNA counts by location of mutation compared to non-carriers. ANOVA analysis of variance. b 1Mutations were sub-classified into three clusters: mutations in the 5′ terminal (Exons 1-10) and 3′ terminal (Exons 12-22) of exon 11 include three previously identified breast cancer cluster regions (BCCRs) proposed to have increased risk for breast vs. ovarian cancer. Mutations within exon 11 were shown to have increased risk for ovarian vs. breast cancer [28]

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