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Table 1 Main parameters of 1D and 2D HMI/HMIFU systems

From: Tumor characterization and treatment monitoring of postsurgical human breast specimens using harmonic motion imaging (HMI)

FUS transducer 4.75-MHz single-element transducer 4.5-MHz 93-element FUS phased array
Imaging transducer 7.5-MHz single-element pulse-echo transducer 2.5-MHz 64-element phased array
 AM frequency 25 Hz 25 Hz
 Sampling frequency 100 MHz 80 MHz
 Frame rate 1000 Hz 1000 Hz
 Acoustic power 11 W 8.7 W
 Imaging duration 0.6 seconds 0.6 seconds
 Ablation duration 120 seconds 120 seconds
  1. AM amplitude-modulated, FUS focused ultrasound, HMI harmonic motion imaging, HMIFU harmonic motion imaging for focused ultrasound