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Table 3 Overview of studies reporting on neoadjuvant chemotherapy and microcalcifications

From: Selective elimination of breast cancer surgery in exceptional responders: historical perspective and current trials

Study Number of patients and results
Matsuo et al. [46] Strong correlation in pCR between the invasive and noninvasive components
Reports on the effect of NAC on microcalcifications
Moskovic et al. [47] Residual microcalcifications because of calcification of necrotic material remaining from the tumor or even fat necrosis or hematoma formation after biopsy
Vinnicombe et al. [48] The persistence of calcifications does not necessarily indicate the presence of ductal carcinoma in situ
Fadul et al. [49] Among patients who developed microcalcifications during NAC, they were histologically associated with both intraductal and invasive carcinomas
Adrada et al. [50] No correlation between change in the extent of calcifications before and after neoadjuvant and pCR. Extent of calcifications on mammography following NAC does not correlate with the extent of residual disease in up to 22 % of women
  1. NAC neoadjuvant chemotherapy, pCR pathologic complete response