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Fig. 1

From: The fibroblast Tiam1-osteopontin pathway modulates breast cancer invasion and metastasis

Fig. 1

Effect of fibroblast Tiam1 expression on breast cancer cell invasion into co-culture matrix and migration of post-co-culture cells. a Number of projections/spheroid for SUM159 breast cancer cells and indicated mammary fibroblasts in 3D mixed cell spheroid co-culture. For fibroblasts: shC and shTiam refer to control silencing retroviral hairpin vector and Tiam1-silencing hairpin vector respectively; +C and + Tiam refer to pBabe control vector and pBabe-Tiam1 overexpression vector respectively. Results show number of spheroids with indicated number of projections as percent of total spheroids. At least 150 spheroids were counted for each condition. b Similar experiment as in A using SUM1315 breast cancer cells. At least 100 spheroids were counted for each condition. For A and B, results represent at least duplicate experiments. c Transwell migration of SUM159 after isolation from mixed cell spheroid co-cultures with indicated mammary fibroblasts. d Similar to C using SUM1315 breast cancer cells. For C and D, cell counts were averaged across nine high-power fields for biologic triplicates; results represent duplicate experiments. For fibroblasts in all experiments, shC = control silencing hairpin pSuperior vector; shTiam1 = Tiam1 silencing; +C = pBabe overexpression vector; +Tiam = Tiam1 overexpression vector

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