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Figure 2

From: A migrant study of pubertal timing and tempo in British-Bangladeshi girls at varying risk for breast cancer

Figure 2

Comparison of the distribution of ages at adrenarche, thelarche, pubarche, and menarche in Bangladeshi, British-Bangladeshi, and white British girls. The median age (years) at adrenarche for each population was: (B) = 7.2, British-Bangladeshi (BB) = 7.4, white British (WB) = 7.1; p-trend = 0.70. The median age (years) at thelarche for each population was: B = 10.7, BB = 9.6, WB = 8.7; P-trend <0.01. The median age (years) at pubarche for each population was: B = 12.5, BB = 11.6, WB = 10.9; P-trend <0.001. The median age (years) at menarche for each population was: B = 12.5, BB = 12.1, WB = 12.6; p-trend = 0.70. The order of sexual development was similar across groups and proceeded in the following order: adrenarche (blue), thelarche (red), pubarche (green) and menarche (yellow). The graphs also illustrate that thelarche (red) and pubarche (green) shift to the right across the residency scale, meaning they occur earlier with increasing individual/ancestral generations in the UK.

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