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Figure 1

From: Anatomical localization of progenitor cells in human breast tissue reveals enrichment of uncommitted cells within immature lobules

Figure 1

Cell surface markers define cell populations that are variable among patient-derived epithelial cells. (A) Representative flow cytometry plots demonstrating defined epithelial cell populations using the cell surface markers EpCAM, CD10 and CD49f. ML = mature luminal, LPC = luminal progenitor cells, MB = mature basal, and BPC = basal progenitor cells. Epithelial cells were isolated from breast tissue from patients undergoing elective reduction mammoplasty surgery. (B) Percentage of epithelial cells in each cell population for 15 patient samples. (C) Epithelial cells were sorted from primary breast tissue using cell surface markers EpCAM and CD49f and stained for cytokeratin 8 (CK8) and CK14. ML and LPC populations were enriched for CK8+ epithelial cells, and MB and BPC were enriched for CK14+ cells.

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