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Articles selected in November 2004

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  1. Daniels MJ, Wang Y, Lee M, Venkitaraman AR: Abnormal cytokinesis in cells deficient in the breast cancer susceptibility protein BRCA2. Science. 2004, 306: 876-879. For the Faculty of 1000 evaluation of this article, please see, []

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  2. Aiyar SE, Sun JL, Blair AL, Moskaluk CA, Lu YZ, Ye QN, Yamaguchi Y, Mukherjee A, Ren DM, Handa H, Li R: Attenuation of estrogen receptor alpha-mediated transcription through estrogen-stimulated recruitment of a negative elongation factor. Genes Dev. 2004, 17: 2134-2146. []

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  3. Gonzalez MA, Tachibana KE, Chin SF, Callagy G, Madine MA, Vowler SL, Pinder SE, Laskey RA, Coleman N: Geminin predicts adverse clinical outcome in breast cancer by reflecting cell-cycle progression. J Pathol. 2004, 204: 121-130. []

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  4. Pece S, Serresi M, Santolini E, Capra M, Hulleman E, Galimberti V, Zurrida S, Maisonneuve P, Viale G, Di Fiore PP: Loss of negative regulation by Numb over Notch is relevant to human breast carcinogenesis. J Cell Biol. 2004, 167: 215-221. []

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  5. Wang SC, Lien HC, Xia W, Chen IF, Lo HW, Wang Z, Ali-Seyed M, Lee DF, Bartholomeusz G, Ou-Yang F, Giri DK, Hung MC: Binding at and transactivation of the COX-2 promoter by nuclear tyrosine kinase receptor ErbB-2. Cancer Cell. 2004, 6: 251-261. []

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  6. Goswami S, Wang W, Wyckoff JB, Condeelis JS: Breast cancer cells isolated by chemotaxis from primary tumors show increased survival and resistance to chemotherapy. Cancer Res. 2004, 64: 7664-7667. []

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