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Volume 6 Supplement 1

Symposium Mammographicum 2004

Are you getting in on the Act?

The 'Social Model' approach to disability sees the problem as barriers posed by society, rather than the person's condition. This approach empowers disabled people to challenge society to remove these barriers, and to enable them equal opportunities.

The Disability Discrimination Act is designed to prevent disabled people being unfairly treated. Since its introduction in December 1996, attitudes and treatment of disabled people have been radically altered. Part of the Act states that any service provider has a duty to make 'reasonable' adjustments to its service in order to ensure that a disabled user is not at a disadvantage to a nondisabled user.

Since October 1999, service providers have been expected to anticipate what help different groups of disabled people may require in order to access their service, and to take 'reasonable' steps to provide the necessary help. The North Yorkshire Breast Screening Service has undertaken an 'inclusive approach' to the service it provides.

This poster aims to explore attitudes towards disability, and demonstrate how the Disability Discrimination Act has been successfully integrated into the working practices of North Yorkshire Breast Screening Services.

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