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Breast Cancer Research

Volume 6 Supplement 1

Symposium Mammographicum 2004

Open Access

The amalgamation of two breast imaging units in Leeds

  • ME Fletcher1 and
  • P Hardy1
Breast Cancer Research20046(Suppl 1):P45

Published: 14 July 2004

Within the United Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust there are two main breast imaging units providing symptomatic breast services. They provide a facility for two different teams of breast surgeons and historically operate with some differences in protocols.

There are now plans for the reconfiguration of the breast service within the United Leeds Teaching Hospital, which is hopefully to take place early in 2005, with the amalgamation of the two breast imaging units on one site. Prior to this, many changes are required for the merge to be successful.

The proposal for this proffered poster is to outline the plan for the amalgamation of the differing protocols. We aim to identify some of the major differences, outline the method of change in practice through the development of new joint protocols and determine implementation pathways

Authors’ Affiliations

United Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, UK


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