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Volume 6 Supplement 1

Symposium Mammographicum 2004

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Digital imaging: Digital Mammography Imaging Screening Trial Project

The Digital Mammography Imaging Screening Trial was formed to determine whether digital mammography could detect breast cancer as well as, or better than, film mammography. Since 2001, 35 facilities helped enrol the 49,528 patients in the US and Canada. Each study participant had a digital mammogram and a film examination. A follow-up mammogram was obtained 1 year after the initial study to determine breast health status. The study completed its accrual in November 2003. One-year follow up mammograms are currently being performed. Over the next 18 months 84 radiologists will interpret soft copy, digital hard copy and film images.

Parameters to be analyzed include: diagnostic accuracy of digital monitor images, effect of breast cancer prevalence on the radiologist's interpretation, effect of breast density on diagnostic accuracy of digital and film mammography, and the diagnostic accuracy of different digital and film units.

Each facility was required to meet strict quality control standards for both digital and film screen mammography. In addition, each facility was inspected to ensure proper record keeping and documentation. The results from this study should prove beneficial to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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