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Archived Comments for: Sonographic evaluation of solid breast nodules

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  1. suggesting a specific role for elastography

    Asem Al-Rifai, private

    23 August 2006

    my comment concers technical details about how to improve the imaging data sensitivity of detecting the 2 % of malignancies in the group 3 of the ACR classification.(BI-RADS)

    As Mr. Stavros indicated , the aim of relatively short term follow up is to detect teh rapidly growing cancer which in most cases is grade 3 infiltrating ductal carcinoma .

    So my comment is the following : in order to try to recognize these cases of early malignancy ( which will appear after six months to show atypical characters on ultrasound ) , wouldn't it be possible to use elastograpy to try to find hard areas into the concerned nodule ( in the early phase of infiltrating ductal carcinoma a reaction of the surrounding tissue yields a hard area around it ) . the aim is to have better criteria allowing for more reliable criteria that we may indicate to the patient so that their decision of follow up or surgery would be more reliable.

    with regards.

    Asem Al-Rifai. MD

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