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Table 1 Mouse monoclonal antibodies, availability, dilution, incubation, antigen retrieval and detection method used

From: Expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α and cell cycle proteins in invasive breast cancer are estrogen receptor related

Antibody Company Dilution Incubation Antigen retrieval Detection
Ki-67 Dako 1:40 o/n, 4°C MW ABC
Cyclin A Novocastra 1:100 o/n, 4°C Autoclave ABC
Cyclin D1 Neomarkers 1:400 o/n, 4°C Autoclave ABC
p21 Pharmingen 1:500 o/n, 4°C Autoclave ABC-BT
p53 DAKO 1:50 o/n, 4°C MW ABC
Bcl-2 DAKO 1:50 o/n, 4°C Autoclave ABC-BT
ER DAKO 1:50 o/n, 4°C Autoclave ABC
VEGF R&D systems 1:40 o/n, 4°C Autoclave ABC
HIF-1α Abcam 1:500 1 h, 20°C Waterbath CSA kit
HER-2/neu M v/d Vijver 1:10,000 o/n, 4°C None ABC
  1. Autoclave, autoclave for 20 min at 120°C; ABC, avidin-biotinyl complex; ABC-BT, biotinyl-tyramide enhancement; Mv/d Vijver, Dr M van der Vijver, Dutch Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; MW, microwave in citrate buffer pH 6.0 for 10 min near to boiling; o/n, overnight; Waterbath, 45 min at 95°C.