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Six SPORE PIs have joined Breast Cancer Research's Editorial Board

We are delighted to announce that six principal investigators (PI) from the Breast Cancer SPORE programs (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence; have joined Breast Cancer Research's Editorial Board.

Kirby I Bland, Joe W Gray, J Dirk Iglehart, V Craig Jordan, Jeff R Marks, and C Kent Osborne are now complementing our board of advisors in the areas of breast cancer genetics, endocrinology, epidemiology, prevention, and therapy.

In addition, one of our existing Editorial Board members, Carlos Arteaga, has also recently become a SPORE PI. Each PI heads a group of researchers, funded by the NIH, whose spectrum of studies includes the development of novel agents (e.g., liposomes, small molecule inhibitors, anti-estrogens, retinoids, angiogenic inhibitors, vaccines, radioisotopes, antibodies), technologies (e.g., microarrays, database mining), and markers (i.e., newly identified breast cancer genes/proteins) for the better diagnosis, prognosis, screening, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research is especially pleased that the journal's link to researchers in the SPORE program has been strengthened, as we share the common goal to promote interdisciplinary research into breast cancer and to speed the exchange between basic and clinical science.

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