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Figure 6 | Breast Cancer Research

Figure 6

From: A genomic analysis of mouse models of breast cancer reveals molecular features ofmouse models and relationships to human breast cancer

Figure 6

Mixture modeling analysis of human breast cancer pathway heterogeneity andrelationships to mouse models of breast cancer. Pie charts above eachheatmap illustrate the distribution of the intrinsic subtype of samples in eachgroup, according to the color-coded legend. The heatmap for groups 1 to 10shows predicted pathway activity with probabilities corresponding to the colorbar at the bottom of the figure. Below this, black bars mark the samplescorresponding to annotations on the same line. Following the samples down tothe heatmap below the black bars, the probability that a mouse model hassimilar pathway activation profiles is shown for each group. Probabilities forthis heatmap are shown according to the color bar at the bottom of thefigure.

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