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Table 2 Development of patient-derived breast tumor xenografts in SCID mice

From: Selective gene-expression profiling of migratory tumor cells in vivo predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients

  Total ER+ ER- Triple negative
Patients samples received 29 17 12 7
Samples that grew tumors in mice after first implantation 8 4 4 4
Take rate 27.59% 23.53% 33.33% 57.14%
Samples that established a stable and propagatable tumor in mice (successful growth in subsequent passages) 6 2 4 4
Stable take rate 20.69% 11.76% 33.33% 57.14%
  1. Numbers of patient samples implanted in the mammary fat pad of SCID mice and take rates for successful growth in the mice. For some of the samples, a tumor grew only on the first implantation. We call stable take-rate the percentage of samples that established tumors in mice that were capable of growing tumors in subsequent passages.