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Table 3 Prognostic significance of circulating tumor cells for overall survival subdivided by subtype of primary tumor

From: Prognostic impact of circulating tumor cells assessed with the CellSearch System™ and AdnaTest Breast™ in metastatic breast cancer patients: the DETECT study

Subtype of primary tumor Overall survival in months
<5 CTCs
Overall survival in months
≥5 CTCs
P value
Luminala 21.2 (16.5-26.5) 7.4 (4.8-10.1) 0.003
HER2 subtype 25.2 (18.3-32.1) 12.1 (7.9-16.2) 0.027
Triple-negative 26.7 (22.6-30.9) 19.7 (16.2-23.1) 0.003
  1. Values of overall survival are presented as mean (95% confidence interval). aHormone receptor-positive and HER2-negative. CTC, circulating tumor cell; HER2, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2.