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Figure 5

From: Cross-species genomic and functional analyses identify a combination therapy using a CHK1 inhibitor and a ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor to treat triple-negative breast cancer

Figure 5

Combination therapy with CHK1 inhibitors and gemcitabine inhibits proliferation in TNBC cells. BT-549 (A), SUM 159 (B) and HCC 1187 (C) cells were treated with agents on day 0 and proliferation was measured on days indicated. BT-549 cells (gemcitabine 10 nM; UCN-01 100 nM; AZD 7762 150 nM). SUM 159 (gemcitabine 4 nM; UCN-01 80 nM; AZD 7762 300 nM). HCC 1187 (gemcitabine 10 nM; UCN-01 150 nM; AZD 7762 200 nM). P-value based upon change from vehicle treatment (letters only) and from single agent to combination treatment (line and letter; day three only) (A ≤ 0.01, B ≤ 0.005, C ≤ 0.001, D ≤ 0.0005).

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