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Table 3 PTEN mutations in brain metastases

From: Relevance of PTEN loss in brain metastasis formation in breast cancer patients

Sample Mutations in gDNA Mutations in cDNA AI result CGH (PTEN)
  Exon3 Exon4 Exon5 Exon6    result
BrM-6 Wt g.del[72586_72627] wt nd c.[del1241_1284] AI Het. loss
BrM-7 Wt No product wt wt Allele 1: c.[del1241_1665] Allele 2: [del1524_1665; dup1196_1240, 950_1240con1196_1523] AI Het. loss
BrM-8 wt nd c.389C > A nd nd Normal nd
  1. het. Loss, heterozygous loss; nd, not determined; wt, wild type.