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Table 4 CPH coefficient and hazard ratio for GP88 3+ for DFS and OS in the validation study

From: Progranulin (GP88) tumor tissue expression is associated with increased risk of recurrence in breast cancer patients diagnosed with estrogen receptor positive invasive ductal carcinoma

Variable DF Estimate SE P-value HR 95% CI
DFS 1 1.78 0.30 < 0.0001 5.93 3.29 to 10.68
OS 1 0.90 0.24 0.0002 2.45 1.54 to 3.94
  1. The successive columns show the coefficient of elevated GP88 in the CPH model along with its standard error and Wald P-value. The final columns provide the hazard ratio (HR) of elevated GP88 with 95% confidence interval (95% CI).