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Figure 7

From: Estrogen receptor-beta sensitizes breast cancer cells to the anti-estrogenic actions of endoxifen

Figure 7

Confirmation of microarray data in a second ERβ expressing MCF7 cell line. (A and B) Real-time PCR confirmations were also carried out in a second ERβ cell line (#1) to ensure that the detected gene expression changes were due to the presence of ERβ and were not a result of potential clonal variation between cell lines. Relative fold changes of genes determined to be regulated by 1 nM estrogen alone (A) or by 1 nM estrogen + 40 nM endoxifen relative to estrogen treatment alone (B) are shown following normalization to vehicle controls (dotted line). The same trends in gene expression were detected in response to both estrogen and endoxifen in this second ERβ expressing cell line.

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